Practice Area

practice area

HS & Co meets the needs of corporate clients over a wide range of areas and is proud of its records of providing the highest quality legal advice, solutions and service to its clients, consistently over many years.

Litigation & Dispute settlement

HS & Co an extensive experience in handling complex cases through ligitaion in court and arbitration in the area of private and public law has been succesfully represented numerous clients in many cases.

Corporate & Investment

Corporate and commercials practice group of HS & Co provides the client with legal advise on establishing and/or implementing the internal company policies and necessary to ensure compliance with on going regulatory requirements applicable to the Indonesian companies.

Mergers & Acquisitions

HS & Co involved in advising the client on all aspects of mergers, acquisitions, corporate restructuring, and schemes of arragements, in order to guide the client to succesfull conclusions.

Project Finance

HS & Co is advising on project financing and other debt transaction dealing with schemes of arrangement. HS & Co involved in several corporate assets and business of publicly listed company in Indonesia.

Insurance Law

HS & Co in the general and life insurance industry (including general and life insurance) related areas includes preparation of documentation for interests insurance companies, advising on matters involving the relevant regulatory authority, reviewing and advising on insurance policies, advising on restructuring insurance companies, carrying out due diligence inquiries inrelation to acquisitions of insurance companies, and advising on solvency requirements, fraudulent claims, compliance and regulatory issues.


HS & Co represents the client on filling a petition of bankruptcy before commercial court and conduct all legal process relating to the settlement of bankruptcy according to the Indonesian bankruptcy law.

Capital Market

HS & Co has acted for issuers legal counsel in a number of mutual fund registration also involved in several issues relating to Indonesia's capital Market Law, including right issues, debt/equity conversion and various capital market transactions. HS & Co also represents multinational and local employers in the planning and documentation of employee stock option and plans and related Capital Market arrangements.

Intellectual Property Rights

HS & Co assists the client on the registration, protection, and enforcement of trademarks, patents, and copyrights, as well as to defend them in case of trademarks infringements and/or to deliver a legal opinion on trademark disputes.

Labor Law

HS & Co provides the clients with counselling and giving advice on labor matters, employing contracts, and solving the employment/labor disputes, to negotiate a Collective Labor Agreement with the employee Union and to liaise the client with the Ministry of Manpower, as well as representing the clients in front of the Industrial Relationship Court (PHI).

Land & Property

HS & CO provides the clients with legal advices on land and property matters such as securing sale and purchase transaction, mortgage, and leasing. HS & Co is also giving legal advice to developers and contraction companies relating to all legal issue arising in property development financing projet.

Maritime & Shipping

HS & Co provides the clients with advice on legal matters relating to maritime and shipping law such as warehousing, freight forwarding, vessel mortgage/hypothec and maritime dispute settlement.

Media Communication

HS & Co handles corporate restructuring of a well known media network company, including management reorganization, legal review, drafting company regulation and employment contracts.