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Managing partner

ADE HARI SISWANTO, S.H., M.H. As the founder of the law firm Hari Siswanto & Co, Mr. Hari has 20 years of experience as a lawyer. Various cases have been handled both litigation and non-litigation.

In the field of litigation, Mr. Hari has experience in defending the interests of clients regarding dispute resolution outside the court through mediation, negotiation and reconciliation. As for the settlement of disputes in court, Mr. Hari has experiences in representing clients starting from the court of first instance at the district court, appellate court at the high court and cassation at the Supreme Court. Various disputes resolved by Mr. Hari, including civil disputes, labor disputes, state administrative disputes, and dispute resolution through arbitration court.

In the field of commercial transactions, Mr. Hari has experience in the settlement of transactions related to Mergers and Acquisitions, Initial Public Offerings (IPO), Spin Off, and other corporate actions that require the involvement of a legal consultant.

Beside as a lawyer, Mr. Hari has also devoted himself as a lecturer at one of the leading law colleges in Jakarta.

Education :
-Bachelor and Master of Law, Both graduated from Faculty of Law University of Indonesia
-Advocate license (PERADI)
-Capital Market Legal Consultant License (HKHPM)

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senior lawyer

MUHAMMAD ZAKY RABBANI, S.H.M.H has represented local and multinational companies in dispute resolution outside the court (mediation and reconciliation). In dispute resolution in the court, Mr. Zaky represented the clients starting from the trial at the district court, the appeal process at the high court, the cassation process at the supreme court, and judicial review (some cases) at the supreme court. Mr. Zaky also has experience in accompanying company directors in providing information as a witness or as a reported party for the investigation process at the police.

In the field of general corporate. Zaky has conducted legal audit on business run by a company, provided legal opinion for national and multinational companies, conducted legal drafting and legal reviews for various agreements. 

In the field of labor law, Zaky has represented companies (local and multinational) as well as employee in labor dispute ranging from bipartite, tripartite stage at the manpower office, up to dispute at the industrial relation court. In addition, as legal compliance of labor law, Zaky has participated in drafting of company regulation, employeement agreement for non permanent employee, and other documents of labor law. 

Education :
-University of Esa Unggul (S.H)
-University of Gadjah Mada (M.H)

License : PERADI

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